New iPad Online Availability Improves

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Supplies of the new iPad appears to be slowly catching up with demand in Apple's online store. The store now shows all models of the new tablet shipping in 1-2 weeks, up from 2-3 weeks just yesterday.

The new iPad was unveiled on March 7th at an Apple event in San Francisco. Shortly after the event ended the iPad was available for pre-order on Apple's online store. The earliest pre-orders were scheduled for delivery on March 16th, the tablet's release date. By the following Friday, though, delivery dates had slipped to March 19th. Shortly there after Apple stopped giving specific delivery dates and started showing shipping dates of 2-3 weeks. Now it looks like stock is slowly catching back up with demand.

Now shipping in 1-2 weeks

Demand for the new iPad has been higher than it was for the iPad 2 last year. Apple announced yesterday that they had sold 3 million iPads in just under four days. Fortunately for everyone, they have also largely avoided the supply problems that plagued the iPad 2. Supply shortages last year meant that it took nearly a month for Apple to sell their first million iPads. This year things have been much better, as Apple stores around the world tended to have plenty of iPads to meet customer demand.

Have you been waiting to order a new iPad? Were you one of the ones standing in line on Friday morning to get yours? Let us know in the comments.