New iPad Now On Sale At Radio Shack

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Radio Shack, or as they want you to call them, The Shack, is now selling the New iPad! They are one of the handful of retailers outside of Apple's website that are selling the new hot gadget.

There seems to be a small catch though. Apparently you have to purchase a $50 gift card from a store, then turn around and use that gift card to purchase the iPad. Kinda backwards I know.

RadioShack began selling Apple's tablets a little over a year ago, shortly after the introduction and launch of the iPad 2. The company has been one of Apple's retail partners since late 2009 when it began selling the iPhone 3G and 3GS in its stores.

The retailer is also among a handful of companies offering trade-ins for old Apple tablets. Such services have reported record trade-ins for Apple's tablets since yesterday, with most of those being the iPad 2, a gadget Apple released less than a year ago. Unlike some competitors though, RadioShack's system lets people take in their device for a trade-in at the same time they're making a new purchase.