New iPad Might Have Wi-Fi Reception Issues

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In addition to the underwhelming screen and the high temperature issues plaguing the new iPad, reports of poor Wi-Fi connectivity are flooding into the Apple support forums.

The thread begins with user stlsteve comparing the weak signal on the iPad to the strong signal on his laptop. It continues with, at this time, over 115 replies:

"Add my name to the list of people having a bit of trouble with the new iPad (3) maintaing a WiFi signal lock. I've got a Verizon 4G iPad. Twice, yesterday, I was browsing the web in my own living room, about 25 feet from my Apple Time Capsule WiFi base station, and the WiFi signal dropped off completely and I caught the iPad using my Verizon data connection instead. After the second time I went into Settings and manually turned off Cellular Data. For the rest of the afternoon and evening I didn't lose the WiFi signal completely but I watched the WiFi signal strength fluctuate repeatedly between full bars and one bar.

At the exact same location in my living room, my iPhone 4S gets consistent full bars as does my MacBook Pro.

Houston, I think we have a problem!"

"I am having the same wifi issue with my new iPad. On my new iPad, I rarely get the signal I do on my other devices and when I do, the iPad wifi is extremely slow. I have heard the issue could be solved with a replacement. I might call Apple today. It's always something..."

"My router is in the basement and my old iPad 1 can pickup the connection ( usually 2 bars) on the second floor, while my new iPad only have 1 bar and constantly drop connection. This issue is annoying but it not a deal breaker for me. However I wish apple can fix this like what they did with the iPhone 4."

Perhaps forum user ByteLarry sums up iPad owners' frustration best, referencing antenna-gate: "I think you're all just holding it wrong."

Some users in the thread are claiming to have a fix for the issue. The process is relatively simple and involves resetting all the network settings on the iPad by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. There is no word on whether this fix is temporary or permanent, but I suspect the former. This could mean that it is not a problem with the hardware but the software, which Apple could correct with a software update.

Regardless of whether it is "only" a software problem, the new iPad (at least in a few ways) doesn't seem to be living up to the high standards Apple has set for its products. Agree, disagree? Let me know in the comments section below.


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