New iPad Adoption Heaviest In Coastal States

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When the new iPad debuted last month analytics firm Chitika Insights developed a tool to that tracked its adoption in realtime. Since then, Chitika's iPad tracker has provided some interesting insights about the new iPad's popularity. For example, after a week Chitika's tracker showed that the new iPad already accounted for 6% of all iPad web traffic.

Recently, Chitika's data has started to show another interesting trend: adoption of the new iPad is heavier in coastal states than in interior states. Currently, the highest adoption rates tend to be in California (11.66%), Connecticut (10.6%), Oregon (10.68%) and Texas (10.27%). The correlation is not perfect, of course - the highest overall adoption is currently in Nevada (12.5%).

iPad Adoption By State

The higher adoption rates in coastal areas is likely not accidental: Chitika compared their adoption rate data to U.S. Census data, and found that coastal regions tend to have higher median income levels than inland states. Considering that the iPad is the kind of luxury item that requires a sizable chunk of disposable income, it makes sense that those in higher-income states would be able to afford one.

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