New iPad May Be Getting 1GB Of RAM

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At yesterday's media event Apple showed off quite a few of the new iPad's biggest and best features: the long-awaited retina display, 4G connectivity, the dual-core A5X processor with quad-core graphics, and more. Even more of the new tablet's specs are available on Apple's website. One important piece of information, however, is notably absent from the information Apple has released about the new iPad: its RAM.

Apple has been pretty notorious in the past for underpowering iOS devices when it comes to RAM. The original iPad only had 256MB of RAM, and while the iPad 2 got a bump, it only went up to 512MB. There has been speculation that the new iPad would finally get 1GB of RAM, but Apple didn't mention it yesterday, nor is there any reference to the tablet's RAM on the tech specs page.

Those who worry that the new iPad will be getting short shrift in the RAM department can rest a little easier, though. Citing knowledgeable sources, The Verge is reporting that the new iPad does indeed feature 1GB of RAM. Of course, this won't be confirmed until the new iPad ships and someone takes it apart to check, but it's hard to imagine that Apple would upgrade so many of the iPad's features and leave its "poster child for the post-PC world" with a mere 512MB of RAM.