New iMacs Coming This Summer With Core i5, i7 Ivy Bridge Processors [RUMOR]

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There are fresh rumors of a coming update to Apple's iMac line today. A few days ago we brought you news of reports that the iMac line might be getting anti-reflective displays. Now it looks like they may also be getting improved processors and a slimmer form factor.

Citing "a reliable tipster in Chinese supply chain," How To Arena is reporting today that Apple will be releasing iMacs with new Core i5 and i7 Ivy Bridge processors. These updated iMacs are expected to release over the summer, in June or July.

There have been several rumors of Apple preparing to refresh its various computer products lately. In addition to these rumors surrounding the iMac, there have been reports that new thinner MacBook Pro models would be coming soon, as well.

Both the MacBook Pro and iMac lines are due for an update. Neither has seen a significant redesign since 2009.