New Hitman: Absolution ICA File Trailer Released


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The run-up to Hitman: Absolution has been packed with content and not a little controversy. Square Enix announced back in May that the game will be released on November 20 and then released some pre-launch DLC for customers who pre-ordered at GameStop. Then came the trailers.

More specifically, then came the nuns trailer, which featured tall, leggy women in skimpy leather outfits wearing nun habits. The video understandably caused accusations of sexism and misogyny, and IO Interactive promptly apologized.

IO then began releasing teaser trailers featuring the backstory of the villians in Hitman: Absolution, including the nuns. The vignettes revealed that the game is told in the style of a 70s-era exploitation movie, making the ridiculous costumes and conceits at least make sense in context.

Today IO released its latest "ICA File" trailer, this one featuring the villain named Blake Dexter. Dexter is a good-old-boy weapons manufacturer who uses violence to forward his business. He will be voiced by Kieth Carradine, who TV viewers may know as Frank Lundy from Dexter or Wild Bill Hickok from Deadwood.