New Halo 4 Trailer Shows Off Mech Multiplayer Mayhem


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Everyone's second-favorite Halo multiplayer map is back, along with a surprising new addition.

A new trailer released this weekend by Microsoft and 343 Industries shows off Halo 4's re-imagining of the classic Halo 3 map Valhalla. The map appears to be very similar to the Halo 3 version, staying very close to the original layout.

The real change in gameplay on the map is likely to come from the new vehicle 343 Industries is introducing: the Mantis. Players will get the chance to live out their mech suit fantasies this fall, when they slip into Halo 4's new walking tank. The Mantis is a mech suit equipped with what appears to be a gatling gun and laser cannon. The video, shown below, also demonstrates that the Mantis will have a stomp attack to take out any pesky vehicles or spartans underfoot.

Did you catch the Mantis teabagging at the end of the trailer? It seems 343 industries might actually be the huge Halo fans they profess to be.