New Footage In Australian Trailer for Amazing Spider-Man


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There's over a month to go until the retelling of the first chapter of Spider-Man's life comes back to the big screen as Sony apparently figures fans need a new introductory story into the life of everybody's favorite web-slinger once every 10 years. I mean, they have to think of all the Twitter-using teenagers who are too young to appreciate Sam Raimi's origin story, right? Could it be that Sony is just trying to hang on to the rights to Spider-Man, now more than ever as Marvel's movie-making department is riding the wave of Avengers success?

Cynicism aside, there is a new trailer for the new Spider-Man origin movie that comes out on July 3, and because this one was aimed at the Australian audience, there's some new footage the American trailers have yet to include, courtesy of Topless Robot:

There's are some really critical eyes pondering over each piece of Spider-Man content that get released, and as a self-proclaimed movie geek, I thoroughly approve. Granted, the only criticism Sony will consider is the opening day bottom line, but nevertheless, the criticisms are valid for those of us who want a great Spider-Man movies. Because Topless Robot's "SPIDER-CONS" observations are similar to my own, I'll share there's:

  • That one horrible webslinging shot
  • The skateboarding (really? Really?!)
  • All the parent shit
  • That football bullshit at the end
  • While I'm actually more impressed than I care to admit concerning the webslinging, I do agree with the final three criticisms, especially dealing with Peter Parker's parents. All I can offer here is much like Venom, Sony's commitment to the "Ultimate Spider-Man" storyline is unfortunate. Bringing in something of an emo Spider-Man does not inspire me, but I'm probably in the minority because it's easy to see just how successful this movie is going to be. Fourth of July all to itself? That almost guarantees a massive opening-day box office.