New Facebook Games Section For Timeline Goes Live

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At GDC yesterday, Facebook unveiled the Games Developer Center. The hub promises to contain all the information a game developer needs to make games for Facebook or Facebook integrated games for mobile devices. That wasn't the only announcement, however, as Facebook is also bringing games to the newly redesigned timeline.

Facebook announced that it will begin rolling out the new Games section to timeline and users' About pages. The section will only appear for those who have played one or more social games in the past 30 days, or those who have liked at least one game on Facebook.

New Games Section For Timeline Goes Live Today

It should be noted that the Games section contains the same privacy controls as other sections on timeline. A user can mark a game's app privacy to "close friends" and only those designated as such will be able to see the game on their timeline.

If you want your game to be a little more special, developers can use Open Graph to create a stand-alone app section for their game. Players can then place the game in its own section of timeline for all to see. You can learn more about that here.

As for the weekly bug report, Facebook says that 33 bugs were fixed while 60 were assigned for further review. You can check out the full bug fix list at the blog post.