New 'Evolve' Trailer Previews Laser Guns, Massive Monsters

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One month ago 2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios officially announced Evolve, a cooperative/competitive multiplayer shooter that combines elements of the Left 4 Dead and Monster Hunter games. The concept puts four players in control of a team of human hunters tracking down massive monsters. The twist is that each monster is controlled by another player, potentially making Evolve that much more challenging.

Today 2K released a cinematic preview for Evolve, showing off the various weapons and characters players may be able to choose from in the game. Laser gatling guns, a sniper rifles, harpoons, and some sort of electricity-firing weapons appear to be coming to Evolve. Of course, one of the game's monsters is also previewed, complete with a fire breath attack:

Evolve has no set release date yet, but 2K insists the game will be coming sometime this fall. The game is set for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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