New Emojis: Here's Next Year's Batch of 38

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In June of 2016, the Unicode Consortium – overlords of how you pictorially express yourself on Instagram – will unveil Unicode 9.0, the new standard for characters and emoji across all platforms.

And inside, you'll find 38 new emoji. This new package will include a "selfie" emoji, a "pregnant woman" emoji, and a "cucumber" emoji – so it looks like the eggplant is going to have some competition when it comes to who gets used the most to mean penis.

Here's the full list of next year's emoji:

- Face with cowboy hat
- Clown face
- Nauseated face
- Rolling on the floor laughing
- Drooling face
- Lying face
- “Call me” hand
- Selfie
- Raised back of hand
- Left-facing fist
- Right-facing fist
- Handshake
- Hand with first and index finger crossed
- Pregnant woman
- Face palm
- Shrug
- Man dancing
- Prince
- Man in tuxedo
- Mother Christmas
- Wilted flower
- Scooter
- Motor scooter
- Octagonal sign
- Clinking glasses
- Black heart
- Croissant
- Avocado
- Cucumber
- Bacon
- Potato
- Carrot
- Fox face
- Eagle
- Duck
- Bat
- Owl

You may recognize many of these as the emoji's that got left out of the Unicode 8.0 update.

Speaking of 8.0, that update is due out next month. It'll carry 37 new emoji – including the much-desired taco emoji. This year and next year's emoji additions are pretty small in comparison to 2014's 7.0 update. That update brought about 250 new emoji with it.

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