New 'Diablo III' Class Previewed, With Trailer


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The first expansion for Diablo III, Reaper of Souls, is now less than two weeks from release. Already the add-on has had a significant impact on the game with patches overhauling Diablo III's loot system.

Another important change coming with Reaper of Souls is the addition of the new Crusader class. Blizzard this week revealed a bit more about the Crusader and its abilities in a new video preview. The class is depicted as very melee-focesed with tank-like abilities and sacred buffs for co-op gameplay.

The narrated trailer explains that Crusaders are defenders of Zakarum faith in Diablo lore. The characters are partial to heavy weapons and even heavier armor. The cursaders' beliefs tie-in significantly with the story of Reaper of Souls, which sees the Black Soulstone stolen by former Archangel Malthael.