New Devil May Cry Trailer Released

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Capcom and Ninja Theory give us this new trailer featuring a half naked Dante and fake Bill O'Reilly. The trailer starts with the Bill O' Reilly-like character calling Dante a "terrorist" and a "sexual deviant", warning him that the police are coming after him. Dante jumps right out of bed and starts fighting demons while simultaneously flying through the air and putting his clothes on (he sleeps in the buff, apparently). Well placed objects cover his bits and pieces as he flies into his clothes: amazing. To finish, he kills a demon with an awesome one-liner and flips off "Bill O'Reilly", and there you have it, Devil May Cry (DmC).

Devil May Cry (DmC) cinematic trailer

Gameplay trailer released last year. Looks a lot like a Devil May Cry game...

If you can't wait for more DmC, check out the Devil May Cry - HD Collection that came out in stores just a few days ago.

Devil May Cry - HD trailer

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