New Destiny Trailer Shows Lunar Gameplay

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For the past few months, developer Bungie has been relatively quiet about its upcoming Halo series follow-up, Destiny. The game was announced back in February, just before Sony's big PlayStation 4 reveal. Since that time, Bungie fans have gotten a few developer diaries, but not much else.

Today, Bungie has released a new trailer that shows all-new gameplay, a new location, and more enemies. It also reveals a bit more about the story behind Destiny.

Titled "The Moon," the trailer focuses on Earth's satellite. It implies that the enemies players will be facing in Destiny came from the moon, where they were lying in wait to attack for centuries. The video shows plenty of gameplay in what appears to be a multiplayer dungeon set in a sprawling facility on the moon. The end even teases a massive boss fight against some type of gigantic alien (lunar?) monstrosity.

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