New 'Dead Rising 3' DLC Released Today


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Less than one month ago Capcom released the first DLC pack for Dead Rising 3. The add-on contained new weapons, a new vehicle, and a new short campaign story involving a "Spec Ops" commander trying to locate the President of the United States. That DLC, titled Broken Eagle, was the first in what Capcom is calling the "Untold Stories of Los Perdidos."

Today Capcom both announced and released the second DLC for Dead Rising 3. Titled Fallen Angel, the new add-on provides content very similar to that seen in Broken Eagle.

The story in Fallen Angel involves a character named Angel battling both zombies and government forces. In addition to the new character story, Fallen Angel includes new weapons, a new vehicle, a new character outfit, and new achievements.

Capcom has announced that at least two more DLC packs will be coming in the future. Players can probably expect those add-ons to provide content similar to that seen in Broken Eagle and Fallen Angel.

Image via Capcom