New Dark Knight Rises Trailer Promises S&M, Batman Working At Walmart

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Who is excited for next summer's most anticipated film? I know, I'm super stoked about Men In Black III as well.

Another film I'm also pretty anxious for is the finale of Christopher Nolan's Batman revamp, The Dark Knight Rises. Bane? Awesome. Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Awesome. Anne Hathaway as Catwoman? Meh. Not everything can be perfect, right?

The internet buzz for the upcoming Batman film is unlike anything I've ever witnessed. People are itching for any little bit of exclusive content - a sneak peak, an on-set photo, or casting gossip.

The people at Warner Bros have employed social media to help grow the excitement even more. In May, a viral campaign was launched that allowed fans to uncover the first photo of Tom Hardy as the villain Bane using Twitter reaction.

Users simply tweeted the hashtag #thefirerises and the image was revealed piece by piece.

In June another campaign was launched involving mysterious YouTube videos of chaos after an Arkham Asylum breakout and broadcasts from Gotham Cable News. Although incredibly well made, these are now thought of as clever fan-made promotions.

Still, those videos created quite a stir for the film when they were released.

On the heels of the official TDKR teaser trailer being released along with the new Harry Potter film, a new trailer has emerged.

This new trailer is full of the same mystery and suspense as the teaser trailer, except it's animated. And is the strangest thing I've ever seen.

Taiwanese animation company NMA has released their own "The Dark Knight Rises Trailer" today. You might know them from such classics as Lulzsec takes down the CIA, Antonin Scalia shoots guns with children and The Winklevii Canoe gets blown up by Mark Zuckerberg's cannon fire.

"Looking forward to the final chapter of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy? We are too. Here’s an ode to Christopher Nolan’s best work," they say about this new video.

What follows is a very strange take on the trilogy conclusion - one involving a stock market crash, a lot of dreaming, and an unforgettable S&M scene with Catwoman and Robin.

Keep an eye out for the Memento and Inception references. Enjoy:

And to cleanse your palate, here is the real teaser trailer for TDKR:

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