New Captain America Poster Hits, Teaser Trailer Drops On Thursday

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Phase 2 of Marvel Studios' current movie arc involving members of the Avengers gets it next installment with the upcoming Thor: Dark World sequel, which hits theaters on November 8th. Following that, the next chapter leading up the 2015's The Avengers: Age of Ultron is the second part of Captain America's story. The 2014 release focuses on the Winter Soldier storyline, much to the delight of comic book geeks everywhere. Rightfully so, I might add. The Winter Soldier story is a really fun read. If you aren't sure of the storyline and want and idea of where Marvel Studios is going with Cap, here's Marvel Comics' official Winter Soldier wiki entry.

Needless to say, potential spoilers apply.

With about six months until Captain America: Winter Solider until hits the theaters (4/4/2014), it sounds like a good time to get the marketing ball rolling, which was done quite nicely with the following tweet from Marvel Entertainment:

Here's a closer look at the teaser poster:


Why yes, that is, in fact, the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, along with Washington D.C. in the background. While the poster itself isn't all the groundbreaking or, well, incredibly exciting, the fact that it's attached to a teaser trailer announcement makes lessens whatever disappointment it might generate. Does the early-ish release date surprise you? Most Marvel tentpole movies usually target the Memorial Day weekend. Did Marvel actually target April because of the 4/4/14 marketing/design benefits the provided by the numeric synergy?

[Lead image courtesy of Marvel's Twitter]

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