New Bluetooth Controller Coming For iOS and Android


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Tired of having to use controls that cover the screen when doing some serious gaming on your mobile touch device? Snakebyte, a company that makes gaming-related peripherals, has a solution - sort of. The company today announced that it will soon be selling a bluetooth wireless controller for use with iOS and Android devices called the idroid:con.

Though bluetooth controllers for mobile devices have been made before, Snakebyte is claiming the idroid:con is the first to have five different functions and come with no app obligation. The controller has a rechargeable Li-Ion battery and can be charged via a USB cord. The device is scheduled for release sometime in July.

“We are thrilled to present the incredible snakebyte idroid:con to all Android and iOS gamers," said Mike Steup, Managing Director of Sunflex Europe. "This controller reflects our already existing innovations in the gaming sector in the mobile and Android™/iOS™ market. The controller fulfills any gamers’ demand for perfect handling, functionality as well as compatibility and it lets you play games on your Android and iOS platform the way they were meant to be played when they were first created.”

On iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad, idroid:con will work with any game that already works with the iCADE peripheral. On Android, the controller has options for mouse, keyboard, and keyboard/mouse modes.

Though mobile gaming is growing into a major sector of the gaming market, the scope of mobile gaming is limited by the touch interface found on most mobile devices. Though some developers are working to create game controls that don't involve over-laid controls, they are few and far between. Bluetooth controllers might not be the answer, though. The idroid:con might be acceptable for mobile gaming on an iPad or other tablet, but I think using them with a smaller device would be silly. One of the big selling points for games on an iPhone or Android phone is how discreet the gaming experience on them can be. Large controllers, on the other hand, are very conspicuous.