New Bill Nye The Science Guy Show Coming To YouTube

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When asked during a reddit AMA session three days ago whether or not he would consider doing new episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy, Bill Nye said

Yes, yes. But, it would have to be with the right producers, and it would have to be a less unfavorable contract. I put my heart and soul into that thing; everybody on the crew did. It was a unique time in TV history. It was exciting to be part of it. Let's change the world.

A redditor specifically asked him if he would consider doing it on YouTube or independently on the internet, to which Nye replied "Stay tuned [winky face]."

Now, we learn that Bill Nye is bringing a new show to Chris Hardwick's Nerdist YouTube channel,

"I'm proud to announce you guys, that Bill Nye will be coming to the Nerdist channel on YouTube," announced Hardwick on his Nerdist podcast.

The announcement was also reiterated in the info line of this video, posted today. Check out how Bill Nye ties a bowtie:

When Bill Nye told reddit to "Stay Tuned," were not sure that he meant for this announcement. But it is a new Bill Nye show coming to YouTube. The format of which, we can only hope, resembles his classic TV show.

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