New Avengers Spot Helps Increase the Hype


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May the Fourth is a little over a month away, and the hype train for The Avengers is building to a runaway pace. The latest footage is courtesy of a TV spot, and while it only gives us 32 seconds of footage, it's enough to build the hype surrounding the movie to even higher levels, at least for me. Of course, when you feature the Hulk so prominently, the fanboy in me can't help but jump for joy.

Speaking of, WWTDD has an awesome animated gif of the green behemoth in action, which helps me believe the hype and excitment is not being misplaced:


If that doesn't get wake your inner geek up, there may not be any hope for you.

After seeing that, it's even more incentive to take part in Facebook's promotion for The Avengers, if only for the chance to see the movie a little earlier. Over at SlashFilm, they've posted a "60 things We Learned On The Set of The Avengers primer, which sheds some light concerning which storyline Joss Whedon will be focusing on:

- Even though The Avengers is a sequel to all the Marvel movies that have come before it, they made sure to give every character “an introduction in this movie as if they never had a movie before.”

- The story begins from SHIELD’s point of view. As you know, SHIELD an organization in charge of the safety of the world. An event occurs which causes problems for Nick Fury, and he must try to get this group to come together and fight the threat.

- Thor is already back on Earth, and how he got back is explained

- Thor’s brother Loki is involved in the Chaos and Thor attempts to be hands on in the solution. Thor believes that Loki is still redeemable, while others do not.

- Hawkeye is on his own mission for most of this story.

- Bruce Banner has gotten past what happened in the previous Hulk movies. He has not transformed into The Hulk in years and SHIELD isn’t after him to be the Hulk. SHIELD has him aboard the Hellicarrier helping with some important lab work — they need Banner for his Gamma expertise.

- Captain America is struggling with the change in society, morals, values, and also technology.

- Black Widow is on another mission when we find her.

The wait is almost over.