New Assassin's Creed III Trailer Highlights Weapons and Combat

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There have been so many Assassin's Creed III trailers and behind-the scenes developer documentaries released that nearly every detail of the game has been revealed. That's certainly the case with regards to the weapons, setting, and gameplay. Ubisoft even had the temerity to tease the future downloadable content for the game (which does, admittedly, look cool) almost one month before its October 30 release date.

Today Ubisoft released yet another trailer, once again highlighting the weapons that the main character, Connor, will use to take out his targets. The tomahawk, rope dart, bow, battle axes, and guns are his weapons of choice, and Assassin Creed's signature hidden blades make a return appearance.

This trailer is mainly for those who want to see redcoats die, and the body count is high. It certainly doesn't do much to discourage the notion that video games are violent. Throughout the trailer, Connor murders British soldiers using every weapon at his disposal, including the soldiers' own weapons.

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