New App Turns Your Lemon into a Supercar

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If your tired of engine rattles and other wierd car noises, you could end up spending thousands on repairs. And in the end you are still left with the old crappy car you started with.

Or you can trade that old clunker for a brand new Lamborgini... in sound, anyway.

The XLR8 is an app for android or iPhone that uses your phone's accelerometer and your car stereo to simulate the engine sounds of an exotic supercar. You plug your phone into your car stereo audio jack and place it in a relatively flat position (on the passengers seat or dashboard).

The lifelike engine sounds of a V8 muscle car, NASCAR, Ford GT40, Ferrari, or Lamborghini can all be blasted through your speakers as you accelerate, take corners, or idle at a stoplight. Accelerate fast and do a burn-out, take a fast corner and drift, all without ruining your tires.

If your really want to get really technical, you can adjust the gear ratio and shift points. Really sound like you're tearing-up a half million dollar supercar.

Lambo Sound

The app uses Hi-Def recordings of real supercars. It's designed to be used in your car while driving, but it can also be used in manual mode without the accelerometer. Great for sitting in your bathtub and pretending you are a racecar.

The app was just released on April 6th, it already has 34 reviews on iTunes and an average customer review of 5 stars. Buy it on iTunes or Google Play.

The app comes fre with a V8 engine, upgrade to other engines for various price points, or buy them all for $4.99.

Note: This would make an awesome gag gift for a teenager asking for a new car.