New Clip Compares Android, Human Growth Rates

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Last week, the official Android Developer Channel published an impressive video showing the rate of Android device activations on a global scale.  Now, courtesy of a different source, there's a clip giving a little more perspective, comparing the rise of Android to the growth of the human population.

Credit goes to Greek tech blog Pestaolo for creating the clip.  It's not quite as effects-intensive as Google's version, but conveys its points quite well (and doesn't make you view it in silence).  A big hat tip also goes to Courtney Boyd Myers for bridging the language gap.

As for those points . . . .  If for some reason you don't feel like watching, the video states, "4 months ago: 200,000 Android devices were activated every day . . . .  Today: 350,000 Android smartphones and tablets are activated every day."

Then it explains, "This means that for every child born in the US, 30 Android devices are being sold on a daily basis.  In Greece, if 350,000 people were buying Android devices every day, the whole country would be using Android in about a month from now.  If the same happened to California, everybody would be using Android in just 124 days.  All of the US would be using Android by 2013.  And the whole globe in about 63 years."


Those are some stunning projections.  Granted, it's not realistic to expect Android's growth to stay steady, only many experts have bet that rate will increase rather than decrease, at least in the short term.  (Thank theoretical drops in the prices of smartphones.)

So Android and Google may have a very impressive and profitable stretch of years ahead of them if the future comes close to resembling this clip.

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