New 'Angry Birds Go!' Trailer Teases Moustache Pig, Terence

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With just two days left until the release of Angry Birds Go!, Rovio is teasing even more racers and karts for their upcoming spinoff. The game is a downhill racer in which players will compete against well-known Angry Birds characters in Mario Kart-style races and collect items to upgrade their karts.

Last week Rovio revealed the first two racers in Angry Birds Go!, Red and Stella. Red is a classic middle-of-the-road racer with a speed boost power, while the pink bird pulls in her bubble powers to protecter her from on-track hazards and other racers. Today's new racer previews make it a bit harder to decipher the characters' powers.

Terence, the fat red bird from the Angry Birds franchise will be part of Angry Birds Go!, throwing his weight around on the track with a larger kart. His powers appear to be related to calling down lightning storms that zap other racers:

Today's second racer reveal is the Moustache Pig. As a crafty pig it uses Bad Piggies ingenuity and TNT blocks to beat other racers down the tracks:

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