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Neve Campbell will be bringing her voice talents to the animated film Bremen Town Musicians, a re-imagining of the Grimm's fairy tale.

The actress hasn't done a feature for the big screen since 2011's Scream 4, but this time around she'll be playing a very different character than what we've seen from her before; a princess trapped in a life she doesn't want, engaged to be married to a duke who loves himself more than anyone else. The Russian folktale will be retold as a romantic comedy, and will also star Alan Cumming and Jeffrey Wright.

Campbell, who was a professional ballet dancer for several years before her acting career took off, recently spoke about being a new mom and her latest projects in an interview at an American Ballet Theatre event.

Campbell has made headlines this week after a surprise appearance on Sunday's Mad Men premiere, in which she played a recent widow who happens to be seated next to the ever-charismatic Don Draper on a plane. The characters bond somewhat during the flight, and she ends up propositioning Don before they leave each other's company...only to be turned down. It wasn't her look that turned him off, however, that much we're sure of; with her dark eyes and hair, she's definitely his type.

“I had fun with wardrobe,” she said. “I was able to express what felt good and what felt right. [Showrunner] Matt [Weiner] is so detail-oriented that he chooses the hairstyles and makeup for every character. So when I got to the hair-and-makeup trailer, there was a picture of a woman in an old article from the ’60s, and that was the hairstyle that we were doing. That was really interesting, because normally you have some room for a voice in this. But at the same time, there’s a reason why the show has done so well, and a big part of that is obviously how specific and detail-oriented [Matt] is in what he does."

Campbell has been sworn to secrecy by showrunner Matthew Weiner regarding what will happen during the show's final season, so fans aren't sure whether her role will be a recurring one. However, judging from the reaction she got on Twitter this week, it looks like she has plenty of supporters.

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