Netflix Vacation Hold Terms Changing

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Netflix sent out a notice to users today about upcoming changes to the terms involved in putting your account on hold whenever you go on vacation. Currently, whenever you put your account on hold (it doesn't have to necessarily be used only for vacations, but you get the premise of the feature), you have to set a re-activation date for when you want to reactivate your account. In addition to setting the parameters for when you can resume your membership, the reactivation date also tells Netflix when to resume billing you for your membership.

In the email, Netflix said that it's no longer going to require a reactivation date and, instead, users will manually have to reactivate their account whenever they're ready to resume movie-watching goodness. The change has no additional cost and you won't lose any of the movies saved in your Queue. In an accompanying blog post, Netflix states that users will still only be able to place holds for up to three months (no word on what happens if you forget to reactivate your account after that)

Below is the full email that users received earlier today:

Since you've put your membership on vacation hold in the past, we're writing to let you know about some upcoming changes to how it works.

Starting in May, you'll still be able to cancel and restart your membership while you're away on vacation with no loss of your Queue, personal settings or membership information. What's changing is that Netflix will no longer resume your service and billing automatically. Instead, you'll let us know when you're ready to start watching movies & TV episodes again by simply visiting the website to restart your membership.

From time to time, we change some features to simplify our service. We hope you found this email helpful. If you have questions, please call us any time at 

–The Netflix Team