Netflix Originals Have Been Seen by a Majority of Subscribers

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Despite criticism, Netflix has held firm in its decision to forgo traditional reporting techniques when it comes to its original programming. In other words, don't expect Netflix to give you any "ratings" numbers for House of Cards or Orange Is The New Black.

We do know that Orange Is The New Black is Netflix's most popular show. We also know that there isn't as much overlap in the audiences for its original programming – and that the company is still searching for its one-series-fits-all. These are just a couple of the small tidbits Netflix has shared about the success of its original content. Netflix is happy with its initiative. Expansion is happening. More shows are on the way. Spending on original content will ramp up.

But just how important are Netflix's originals? How much of the Netflix subscriber base is actually tuning in to these shows?

For this, we have to turn to polls. And a new study of 30,000 Netflix-subscribing households shows that the answer is most – or at least a majority.

In fact, Centris found that 61 percent of Netflix subscribers have watched the company's original programming. When you look at just millennials (those aged 18-34), that number jumps to 68 percent. Even among the older crowd (55+), Netflix's originals have caught the eye of 54 percent of subscribers.

With Netflix now over 50 million subscribers, we're looking at a pretty large audience for the original content – especially the ones which we know to be the most popular (OITNB).

Compare this the the 46 percent and 28 percent who have watched any of Hulu or Amazon's original programming, respectively.

Netflix originals have also started to make a push into an area first dominated by network television and lately dominated by cable - major award ceremonies. Netflix garnered an impressive 31 Emmy nominations this year – but were unable to walk away with any of the major awards. Netflix did net seven in the Creative Arts session, but pretty much saw tumbleweeds during the main ceremony.

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