Netflix Looks to Crown the Best PMS Drama, Best Bromance, and More with The Flixies

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Netflix is looking to "honor the ways you really watch Netflix" by giving out awards to films and TV shows in some untraditional award categories.

The company has just launched The Flixies, just two days after the Academy Awards, and they want you to vote on which program available on Netflix Instant is the best in categories like "Best Guilty Pleasure" and "Best Hangover Cure."

Each category contains 12 pre-selected titles to choose from. For instance, the "Best Bromance" category features titles like Commando, Act of Valor, Warrior, Snatch, and Top Gear. The "Best Hanover Cure" category let's you vote on titles like Ferris Bueller's Day Off, How I Met Your Mother, Archer, and Arrested Development.

The full list of categories are: Best Tantrum Tamer, Best Commute Shortener, Best Guilty Pleasure, Best TV Marathon, Best PMS Drama, Best Bromance and Best Hangover Cure. Clearly not your traditional award categories.

You can cast your vote today, and everything ends on March 10th. Anyone can vote for The Flixies - both Netflix members and non-members (as long as they reside in countries where Netflix is available). While you're voting, you can also suggest new Flixie categories that accurately represent the different ways that you're streaming content on Netflix.

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