Netflix Lands New Wachowskis Sci-Fi Series 'Sense8'

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Netflix has just announced that they have gained the exclusive rights to the Wachowskis' new sci-fi series Sense8. The 10-episode first season will debut on Netflix Instant in late 2014.

This is the first TV series to come from the Wachowskis, who are known as the minds behind The Matrix, V for Vendetta, and Cloud Atlas. Also attached to the project is Babylon 5's J. Michael Straczynski.

"Andy and Lana Wachowski and Joe Straczynski are among the most imaginative writers and gifted visual storytellers of our time," said Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos . "Their incredible creations are favorites of Netflix members globally and we can't wait to bring Sense8 to life."

There's not much in the way of plot details coming out of the announcement. Netflix describes it as a "gripping global tale of minds linked and souls hunted," and says that it will be a sci-fi thriller told in the Wachowskis' unique storytelling style.

"We're excited to work with Netflix and Georgeville Television on this project, and we've wanted to work with Joe Straczynski for years, chiefly due to the fact his name is harder to pronounce than ours, but also because we share a love of genre and all things nerdy," said Andy and Lana Wachowski . "Several years ago, we had a late night conversation about the ways technology simultaneously unites and divides us, and out of that paradox Sense8 was born."

Netflix's first foray into big-budget original content, the political thriller House of Cards, was by all accounts a huge hit for the company. It quickly became the most-watched title on the service, and topped IMDb's list of most popular shows.

The original content strategy seems to have paid off in terms of Netflix's stated goal - boosting subscribers. One survey showed that House of Cards made 86% of Netflix users more likely to stick around.

Likely, many are sticking around for more high-quality original content.

On April 19th, Netflix will debut the Eli Roth original horror series Hemlock Grove. The company has also announced a new kids series, Turbo: F.A.S.T., set to debut at the end of 2013. We've also heard talk of an original series based on the live of Pablo Escobar called Narcos that's slated for a 2014 release.

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