Netflix Is Now Available in Cuba

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It appears that Netflix is one of the first tech companies to take advantage of the "Cuban Thaw", the recent decision by the Obama administration to warm up trade and travel relations between the US and Cuba after decades of restrictions.

Starting today, Netflix is officially available in Cuba. Like in the US, a Netflix subscription in Cuba will cost $7.99 a month.

“We are delighted to finally be able to offer Netflix to the people of Cuba, connecting them with stories they will love from all over the world,” said Netflix co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings. “Cuba has great filmmakers and a robust arts culture and one day we hope to be able to bring their work to our global audience of over 57 million members.”

In order to access Netflix in Cuba, you'll need access to an international payment method as well as reliable internet – so Netflix won't immediately become a staple in the majority of Cuban households. But it's a significant move, and a quick one, considering the "thaw" has just begun.

Netflix first launched in Latin America in 2011, and recently doubled its traffic share in the region.

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