Netflix 'God Mode' Solves a Truly Frustrating First World Problem

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Netflix is a great thing, I think we all can agree on that. But browsing Netflix's vast channels of movies and TV shows is a giant timesuck. Thus, anything (anything) that makes the process easier and more enjoyable should be lauded.

Do you check out what's on Netflix on your computer? Of course you do, sometimes. You know how the desktop site makes you hold your mouse over an arrow in order to horizontally scroll across selections? You know how it takes forever and is a huge pain in the ass?

Not anymore. The ultimate first world problem has been solved. Just go grab this bookmarklet, wonderfully referred to as Netflix God Mode, and you'll be browsing comfortably in no time.

Look at all the movies I can see at once!

God Mode basically removes the scrolling function and just places all the available movies in said category in a grid format. Simple but brilliant.

Go grab it now and enjoy it before Netflix ruins the fun.

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