Netflix Getting Pokemon TV Series And Movies On March 1

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The Pokemon Company is starting to get the hang of this digital video streaming thing. After announcing last month that the Pokemon animated TV series and films would be headed to Hulu, the company has struck up a similar deal with Netflix.

The Pokemon Company and Netflix announced today that subscribers will soon be able to watch various Pokemon animated features on the streaming service starting March 1. To be more specific, Pokemon Black and White, Pokemon: Indigo League and the two Pokemon Black and White movies featuring Victini will be available to stream.

While this deal is similar to the one struck with Hulu, both services are getting vastly different content. Hulu got the Pokemon Origins TV special, the first season of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and the three movies from the Diamond and Pearl saga. Compared to Hulu's offering, Netflix is getting less content.

For the old school Pokemon fan, Netflix may end up being more popular, however, as it has the very first season of the TV series. For those who have stopped watching the Pokemon TV series, the first season probably still holds a special place in your heart. You might even watch a few episodes just to reacquaint yourself with one of the best themes ever written for children's television.

We can only hope the Netflix version will also include the genre-defining Pokerap:

Image via Coordinator Studios/YouTube