Netflix for iOS Gets HD Video and AirPlay Support

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More than a year and a half ago, when Netflix updated their app for the then-new iPad, the company promised that HD video was on the way. They didn't give a timeframe, but we figured it wouldn't be too long before they brought HD to their iOS apps. Why else mention it, right?

Fast forward. Today, Netflix is finally making good on that promise. The new Netflix for iOS app will finally stream applicable content in HD. Of course, streaming in HD still depends on you having a strong enough internet connection to sustain it.

This announcement comes on the heels of another "we're giving you better picture quality" announcement from Netflix. Last week, the company launched Super HD streams for all users. For a while, Super HD was only available through certain ISP partners.

Also inside this iOS update - AirPlay support.

From Netflix:

With our latest app, you can now also start streaming over AirPlay. This new feature is very simple and works on all iOS 7 devices. Choose a title to watch on your iPhone or iPad and start playback; If there is an Apple TV device connected to the same Wifi network, an AirPlay icon appears; Press the AirPlay icon and playback will move to your Apple TV. Use your iPhone or iPad as a remote control for the Apple TV during AirPlay. You can pause, seek, select audio or subtitles and stop playback from your iPhone or iPad.


Be warned, you might not see HD and AirPlay support right away. Netflix says all members will have access by mid-October.

You can snag the iOS update right now.
Image via Netflix

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