Netflix Could Totally Double New Content Next Year Says Ted Sarandos

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If you were Netflix, with the massive success of House of Cards, the love-it-or-hate-it buzz generated by Hemlock Grove, and the pure madness surrounding the launch of season 4 of Arrested Development - why wouldn't you want to expand your content offerings?

In a lengthy interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix's Content Chief Ted Sarandos hints at just that - possibly doubling Netflix's content output next year (by the end of 2013, they will have put out 8 new shows).

"It’s feasible that we would double the load that we did this year. People’s tastes are wildly diverse, and I want to be able to appeal to all of those tastes and across demos. Hemlock Grove is totally different from House of Cards. Orange Is the New Black is a very different show. I think we can support a lot of specific tastes," said Sarandos.

As far as what kind of specific tastes, Sarandos says that sci-fi is a good direction, as is "tween" content.

Also, sitcoms and comedy:

"And then we’re doing quite a bit in the original standup comedy space, too. Bill Burr, for example, is somebody who has had a great cult following, and now his audience is getting so large from him being on Netflix. He is touring in all of the parts of the world where Netflix is, like Norway and Finland, because he has an audience there now. So, we’ll definitely be competitive [with HBO and Showtime] in that space. it’s also a great way to cultivate talent for future scripted projects," he said.

But as far as original movies go - Sarandos isn't quite sold on the idea...yet:

"The reason why I've shied away from original movies has been that there are so many more great movies that get made than ever get distributed, and I think we function better as a distributor for movies than we do as a creator or marketer of movies for now. But I probably would have said the same thing about TV shows three years ago."

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