Netflix Ad Tackles the Foul Treachery Known As 'Watching Ahead'

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One of the, if not the greatest, thing about streaming services that carry multiple seasons of TV shows is that it's all there, ready to be marathonned. You give me 10 hours, a pizza, and a 12 pack and I can get through an entire season of a show. Ain't no thang.

But you might run into problems when you're watching a series with your significant other, and your schedules don't quite match up. Wife has to work late? Well, you could always watch a few episodes without her. She wouldn't mind, right? Wrong. It's 'Netflix adultery' and it's a serious crime. This new Netflix ad tackles the temptation to "watch ahead."

Netflix's new ad comes along at a perfect time, when the temptation to blow through episodes behind your partner's back is about to get even stronger...

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