Nellie Gray Dies at 88, "March For Life" Founder


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The premise of abortion has always been a controversial topic, and according to our society, one that must not be heavily advertised or brought into the limelight. Nellie Gray did not see abortion this way, and was one of the major proponents of the anti-abortion movement. Unfortunately, Nellie Gray died this past Monday (August 13th, 2012).

Nellie Gray was a lawyer who devoted her time towards the premise of abortion after the court's "Roe v Wade" decision of 1975. In 1976, on the anniversary of "Roe v Wade," Gray organized the first "March of Life" event (held in Washington, D.C.) to protest against the abortion premise, as well as to strengthen the anti-abortion movement.

National Right to Life Committee President Carol Tobias exclaimed the following remarks about Gray in her statement below:

Nellie Gray was a pro-life pioneer who will be dearly missed. The indelible mark she has left in this world can be seen in the generations of lives saved as a result of her dedicated work on behalf of the unborn."

According to Gene Ruane, an administrator for March for Life's Education and Defense Fund, Ruane encountered Gray unconcious when he arrived at her home in Washington for a meeting. Nellie Gray was 88.

Various supporters of Gray's legacy and work have been leaving their respects via Twitter: