Neil Patrick Harris Talks Love And Fatherhood

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Neil Patrick Harris is a successful actor, but he says he is the most proud of his family.

Harris came out at the age of 33 and has been with his partner David Burtka for several years.

Three years ago, the couple welcomed twins into their lives and completed their family.

Harris said that after welcoming their children, he fell in love with Burtka all over again and saw what an amazing father he was.

He said that raising children with his partner has helped keep their relationship interesting.

"Watching David become another level of person, mastering this other domain, made me look at him with a whole other set of appreciative eyes," he said. "That sort of made me re-fall in love with him."

Harris said that he is lucky to have found Burtka and to have such a great relationship with him. He recalled a time when things were much more complicated in his life and he was hiding the fact that he was gay.

"In high school all my friends were sleeping with girls, and it just seemed like that's what one did. So therefore that's what I did, but it left me feeling unsettled, as if I had somehow done it wrong," Harris told Glamour magazine. "That's not a good feeling."

"But now I think it's easier to avoid that fate," he added. "Today, it's cool to see a happy lesbian couple who are high school juniors. Better that than have those two girls marry people they're not attracted to, have three kids, and then come out when they're 50."

Harris said that he thinks the world is more accepting of gay people now and hopes that teenagers and young adults find coming out a little easier than he did. He also said that he wishes he would have been confident enough to have done it sooner.

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