Neil Gaiman Reads Us A Bedtime Story

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Neil Gaiman has been responsible for--or had a part of--so many incredible things that it's nearly impossible not to admire him. From writing comics to penning children's books and wondrous novels ("Coraline", "American Gods", The Sandman, and "The Ocean At The End Of The Lane", to name a few), he's proven over the years that he's as cool as they come. Just ask his wife, Amanda Palmer.

But Gaiman is much more than the words he puts to paper; he's also just a really good guy. To prove it, he recently read "Green Eggs And Ham" in its entirety for all of us to enjoy just because a charity he backs had just raised a bunch of money.

“Worldbuilders raised $500,000 for charity, so I read all of GREEN EGGS AND HAM on video without shaving first,” Gaiman posted to Reddit.

He also posted about it on his blog, where he promised to auction off a bunch of his personal items--autographed!--in the next year or so. We're holding you to your word, Mr. Gaiman.

"You may not have known that I'd agreed that if Worldbuilders made their stretch goal of half a million dollars, I would film myself reading Dr Seuss's GREEN EGGS AND HAM," he wrote. "Well, I did so agree. And this afternoon, they made their goal. I got the call, and I recorded the video. (As you can see, I am very beardy, because I am not going out in public, and am just writing.) And I've put it up on YouTube. It made me miss having small kids around to read to. I hope you enjoy it."

That accent! That timbre! I could listen to him read the phone book.

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