Neil deGrasse Tyson Live-Tweets The MLB All-Star Game With Predictably Awesome Results

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Neil deGrasse Tyson is about the only truly famous astrophysicist we have these days, but boy has he taken off like a rocket (pun most definitely intended). Through countless televisions appearances and a strong online presence, the Hayden Planetarium director has gained quite the pop culture status.

Science is fascinating, fun, and invaluable. That's what I take from Neil deGrasse Tyson.

As a fan of Tyson, you can imagine my delight when I noticed that he was about to live-tweet Tuesday night's MLB All-Star game:

So, let's take a baseball journey - through the eyes of an astrophysicist...

This was probably the best thing on Twitter in quite some time. I hope that he makes a habit of this. I'd love to see the Super Bowl, The Masters, the NBA Finals, and even a Tennis tournament here and there through his eyes.

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