"Need For Speed" Racing To The Theaters


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I enjoy EA's Need for Speed franchise as much as the next guy. They're fun racing games that know their audience without going too far into arcade or simulation gameplay. I never played the games for any kind of story, but apparently EA thinks the games need to tell a story - through film.

Variety is reporting that EA is now shopping around a script for a "Need for Speed" film. The film is being written by George and John Gatins of Real Steel fame. John Gatins, alongside EA, are also producing the film. Apparently, Warner Bros., Sony and Paramount are all interesting in obtaining the film rights.

So let's look at what this could possibly mean. In all honesty, as Variety says, this could be EA wanting to capitalize on the success the Fast and the Furious movies have seen. Any film studio would want to take on Universal in the underground street racing film genre and Need for Speed has the brand recognition for that.

A problem arises though when you consider what a possible Need for Speed plot would entail. While it's easy enough to just make a street racing movie, people have already seen that in The Fast and the Furious. While it's good enough for that franchise, audiences may not be so kind to another film trying to be just another clone.

While EA tried to introduce plot with last year's, "Need for Speed: The Run," it didn't exactly impress critics or gamers. EA needs to rethink its strategy with a Need for Speed film. Need for Speed at its best, which I would argue was with Hot Pursuit, is all about sexy cars, winding tracks in the countryside and police chases.

So here's the idea: Let's combine the plots of Speed and Crank, but set it in the British countryside. Throw in a thin plot about street racers being kicked out of the city and have now moved to the countryside for their racing fix. Too bad there's a bomb strapped to one of the cars that will destroy the tiny hamlet of Worcestershire. Maybe hire Michael Bay as a producer to add some Bay-splosions (anything to get him away from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). There's your movie, EA. You can thank me once it makes you millions.

All joking aside, unless you really like the above idea, what do you think about EA shopping around a Need for Speed film? What do you think it should be about? Let us know in the comments.