Nearly Half of All Online Traffic Was Mobile on Christmas Day 2013

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Through anecdote and online company reports, it seems to be a truism that the future of the web is mobile. Now, though, some solid numbers have shown just how popular accessing the internet through mobile devices has become.

IBM's Digital Analytics Benchmark this week tracked retail sites throughout the web, finding that mobile traffic accounted for a full 48% of all online traffic on Christmas day 2013. That's up 28.3% from the mobile traffic seen during 2012's Christmas.

The popularity of mobile this christmas was driven by both tablet and smartphone sales. Tablet sales in particular are rising quickly, with early predictions showing that the tablet market will overtake PC and Notebook shipments combined in 2014.

IBM's analytics show that tablets made up over 18% of all online traffic on Christmas day, though smartphones still ruled the mobile landscape by making up over 28% of all online traffic.

All of this mobile access has contributed significantly to increased online sales during the holidays. On Christmas day mobile sales were up 40% over Christmas 2012 and made up a full 29% of online sales during the holiday. Overall online sales were, according to IBM, up over 16% from Christmas day 2012.

Though consumers used their smartphones to access the internet significantly more than tablets on Christmas, they also seemed to prefer tablets when making purchases. IBM found that only 9.3% of all online sales on Christmas day were made on smartphones, while tablets accounted for over 19% of all online sales.

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