NC State Fair Inspector in Kiddie Land Was Actually Sex Offender, Say Police


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This year, around a million people will attend the North Carolina State Fair.

And one of those attendees was not who he said he was, according to authorities.

ABC13 reports that a registered sex offender was arrested on Tuesday after he was found posing as a ride inspector in the kiddie land area.

"A couple of state troopers noticed a guy with BDU pants on but he had pepper spray ... you could see it visibly and it drew their attention to it," Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison said. "So they went over and talked to the guy and in his conversation he said he was a state ride inspector, that he was out to inspect the rides which really didn't fit the profile of what our ride inspectors are."

A quick run through the system showed that he was not a fair worker, and in fact was barred from being in that area altogether.

64-year-old Tyrone Szabo was arrested and charged with impersonation of a public official and being a sex offender on premises where children were present.

Other than that hiccup, the fair seems to be going fine. The fair runs through October 25th.