NBC and YouTube Partner For 2012 Olympics

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If you're looking forward to the summer Olympics this year in London, you're in for an extra special treat. You'll be able to watch streaming coverage of the events for the first time. NBC and Google's YouTube have teamed up to offer the most comprehensive coverage of the Olympic games ever!

The London Olympics begins on July 27th and so does coverage. NBC is ramping-up advertising opportunities to the sum of $900. No word is given on how YouTube will function in the partnership, but some have suggested that it won't be under the normal YouTube.Com domain.

NBC explains a little about their plans for coverage via their advertising website:

"As a result, we plan to deliver the most extensive 2012 Olympics content to viewers, including—for the first time ever—ALL events streamed live. That’s right, you’ll be able to watch up to 3,000 hours of live streaming covering all 302 Gold Medals and every event in-between."

"We’ll also include replays of Web-exclusive events, all television broadcasts, interviews with the athletes and exclusive daily segments about London 2012. Live streams will be available across our mobile platforms, providing an extraordinary 360-degree coverage of The Games."

Their overall strategy is to cover every event in some capacity either formally on NBC or via YouTube. this means coverage of all 302 Gold Medals and a whole lot of activity in between. It should be interesting to see how they deliver on this ambitious goal of coverage. We certainly have the best technology available to make their gaol a reality.

It will also be interesting to see how YouTube brings social media into the event coverage arena. It has played a role in the Olympics in the past but it has never been so prominent as it will be this year in London.

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