NBA, NFL Lockouts Force Stars To Seek Other Employment

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What in the world are star athletes going to do if the NBA and NFL player's unions and owners can't reach an agreement? Well, of course it will mean that they won't be playing basketball and football, respectively. But it also means that they will be forced to seek other employment.

Recently, we saw that some NFL players like Ray Lewis and Desean Jackson have decided to take their football talents to Iowa to play in Taylor Lautner's cornfield football league.

And other NFL stars Peyton and Eli Manning have been forced to take their quarterback talents to the mean streets as they fight crime as Football Cops in a blockbuster event brought to you by DirecTV.

What this next batch of stars are being forced to do is a little less exciting than those career options.

Posted on The Blake Griffin YouTube Channel, this video takes the form of an infomercial with stars of both locked-out leagues selling themselves for menial work like swatting flies on the ceiling, filing documents and reaching high-up items for old people.

The video stars Adrian Peterson, Ron Artest (or should we say Metta World Peace), Kevin Love and of course Blake Griffin. We have already seen what Blake Griffin has been doing since the NBA lockout was announced. Shortly after it became official, Blake tweeted a short video of him planking on a flat cart as it moved across the Clipper's gym floor.

The video, entitled "Lockout Profession" is quite awesome. It's nice to see that some of the professional athletes involved in these labor disputes have enough of a sense of humor to step back and laugh at themselves. Check it out below -

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