Nazi Gold Train Find Triggers Frenzy In Poland

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Nazi Gold Train fever has overtaken Poland after the announcement that two men had found a legendary Nazi-era train full of gold, jewels and other valuables.

The Nazi Gold Train, according to local legend, was said to have gone missing near the town of Walbrzych.

It was first thought that the Nazi Gold Train was hidden in a tunnel, but two men, Andreas Richter and Piotr Koper, said on Poland's TVP public television that they found it buried in the ground.

The two med said that they had "legally informed state authorities" about the Nazi Gold Train and "have precisely indicated the location in the presence of Walbrzych authorities and the police."

Richter and Koper also said that they found the Nazi Gold Train using their own sources and equipment.

Their main source in finding the Nazi Gold Train was 84-year-old retired miner, Tadeusz Slowikowski.

Slowikowski claimed that he heard from a German man in the 1970's of a train full of gold, jewels and guns that left the German city of Breslau, which is actually called Wroclaw today, in the spring of 1945.

The train disappeared before ever making it to Waldenburg, now called Walbrzych.

The find, when it is confirmed, will be the property of the state, but Koper said the two men are ready to cover the costs of the Nazi Gold Train's retrieval.

They want it to become a local tourist attraction, likely a very popular one.

However, they won't walk away empty handed. As the finders, they are entitled to a 10 percent reward from the Nazi Gold Train.

In the mean time, police are working to confirm their claim and keeping local treasure hunters from swarming the site.

Deputy Culture Minister Piotr Zuchowski asked that curious citizens refrain from trying to find the site, saying that there were likely "hazardous substances" involved and that there was a "huge probability that the train is booby-trapped."

Pretty exciting, right? What do you think about the possible Nazi Gold Train discovery?

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