Nazi Art Theft Material Discovered

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During World War ll, Adolf Hitler commanded agents to raid and loot European countries, looking for precious metals, currency, jewelry, and artwork. While most of the items were recovered by the Allies after the war ended, some of them were never seen again.

The Monument Mens Foundation For The Preservation Of Art--which was formed by Robert M. Edsel to help Allied forces protect cultural artifacts during the war--has donated several mysterious items to the U.S. National Archives which until now have been privately held and are related to the art thefts made by Hitler's men.

Not wanting to comment too much on the unveiling, Archivist David S. Ferriero says the National Archives will announce "a significant discovery which will allow for a more complete view of Hitler's premeditated theft of art and other cultural treasures," this morning in a press conference, which will be attended by Edsel.

The art thefts committed during the war have long been a topic of fascination to many, partly because of the idea that there are treasures hidden out there somewhere, waiting to be found. Actor George Clooney is writing and will star in a film about the events called "Monuments Men", which is only in the beginning stages, is based on a book called “The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves, and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History,” by Robert M. Edsel.

In 2007, the National Archives announced they had in their possession two leather-bound photo albums which documented several items of artwork stolen by Hitler.

Once word spread that new items have been found, the social media world is abuzz.

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