Navy Fighter Jet Crash in Nevada Leaves Questions

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Associated Press reports to us that a Navy fighter jet crashed Saturday at 3 p.m. during a training exercise in Nevada.

The F/A-18C U.S. Marine jet went down less than a hundred miles near a Navy range training complex. The remote and mountainous terrain along with the snow storm prevented rescue helicopters and ground crews from reaching the crash site for several hours. The condition of the pilot is unknown, and the pilot's name is being withheld.

The fighter jet was not carrying any weapons or explosives on the flight. The cause of the crash was under investigation, and no other injuries or damage has been reported. The Naval Air Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet has announced that the fighter jet is a total loss.

It is not clear if the pilot's condition is known, and the information is being kept classified. There were earlier searches for the pilot, but the condition of the pilot is currently being reported as unknown. It was recently reported that the fighter jet was a part of the Hornet team, but has since been clarified.

When the Naval Air Force uses the term "total loss" regarding the crash, it is referring to the condition of the fighter jet. It should be stressed that the pilot's condition is still either unknown or has not been released to the public. News of military incidents of this nature are by protocol kept under wraps until all issues are addressed and resolved. The pilot's name will be released on Monday. News of if the pilot ejected himself before the crash and the pilot's condition will be released later this week.

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