Navajo Code Talker George Smith Dies at 90

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Flags all around the country are positioned at half mast today to honor a brave and noble American Indian George Smith, who aided in the United States' defeat against the Japanese forces during World War II by sending encrypted messages in the Native American tongue.

George Smith's involvement with the military started in 1943 when he enlisted as a Navajo Code Talker for the Marine Corps. Smith was then later promoted to Corporal, transmitting tactical information in Navajo code in various battles, such as: Siapan, Tinian, and Ryukyu Islands. Smith also served in Okinawa, Hawaii and, Japan. During this time, Smith earned a Congressional Silver Medal for his talents and efforts in the service.

Smith later moved to Fort Defiance, Arizona, where he became a shop foreman, and concluded his career with the Navajo Engineering Construction Authority in Shiprock, New Mexico, working as a heavy equipment mechanic. Smith then retired in Sundance, Wyoming. All of these places are census-designated Native American regions.

On Wednesday, November 30th, George Smith passed away from natural causes at the age of 90. The Twitterverse has remembered this brave code talker with the following respects:

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