Nationwide Rollout Of Google Tags Begins


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Google Tags, the program meant to give local businesses a better way of standing out from other search results, is growing up.  Google announced late yesterday that it's concocted a couple new features, and that it's rolling out the program on a nationwide basis, too.

Google Tags On Mobile SearchThe rollout will not equate to an immediate launch.  Business owners in California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Texas, and Washington are due to see Google Tags become available before everyone else, and afterwards, Google's just said it will update a FAQ as things progress.

On to the new features, then.  First of all, the program now accommodates would-be customers who aren't sitting in front of computers.  A post on the LatLong Blog explained, "Tags now appears on mobile web searches as well, helping your local customers quickly identify what's unique about your business while they're on the go."

Secondly, "Posts, a new kind of Tag that enables business owners to create a custom message, is also live.  These messages can be changed as often as the business owner would like, making it easy to let the world know about a special discount or limited-time offer."

The Tags program seems likely to prove rather popular with small business owners since the monthly fee is just $25.  Look for little yellow boxes to become a common sight next to firm's listings on Google.